Lovelace and Babbage mockupLovelace and Babbage is now an Eisner-Nominated graphic novel! A cornucopia of comics and a feast of footnotes!

“…a must-have for anyone who enjoys getting lost in a story as brilliant in execution as conception… permeated by delightful illustrations, obsessive foot- and endnotes, and a spirit of genuine inventiveness, it’s an early candidate for the year’s best.”

red_starPublishers Weekly (Starred Review)


Ada Lovelace Day 2017!

Gooood morning, it’s Ada Lovelace Day! This comic started on Ada Lovelace Day 2009 so every year I celebrate/mourn/as myself “what happened there?” with.. gifs! Feel free to share! In a couple of gif sizes for all your gif needs!       (Good job I’m not looking for 2d animation work for lo these…

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Sexy! Lovelace and Babbage Coming to your screens-

This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series Meanwhile..

This is an emergency broadcast from 2dGoggles- Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage (the historical ones, or at least a different interpretation of the historical ones) apparently will make a  appearance in the tv show Victoria TONIGHT on ITV in the UK- available also online. Synopsis: Having resumed her royal duties, Victoria is disconcerted when Albert appears…

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The Copenhagen Interpretation, Part One!

It has been observed in a vacuum, that comics spontaneously and randomly disappear, and then equally inexplicably reappear. Please enjoy the following fluctuation. Ladies and gentlemen,the graphical web post you are about to read was not photographed in a studio. There are 8,674,256 stories in the naked city now, and this hasn’t even been one…

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Curious about the mysterious, marvellous Analytical Engine? An animated explanation here. 



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Sydney Padua is a animator and insufferable know-it-all, generally employed in making giant monsters appear to be attacking people in movies. She started drawing comics by accident and is still trying to figure out how to stop.


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